Eating here Is a Pizza Cake!

Specialty Pizzas

Mighty Meat- Pepperoni, ham, Italian sausages, beef.                                                        Chicken Philly- chicken, peppers, onions, mushrooms.

Philly Beef- sliced beef, peppers, onions, mushrooms                                                         Veggie Xtreme- peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomato, olives.

Italian- pepperoni, ham, salami, banana peppers, onions, tomato.                                   Xtreme Cheese- 50% more cheese

Xtreme Pepperoni- 50% more pepperoni

Starting at $5.99 Small 1 Topping

                    $7.99 Medium 1 Topping

​​​​Ham Sub-                 $5.75                       Turkey Sub-              $5.75                           Roast Beef Sub               $7.59

Veggie Sub-              $5.25                       Loaded Sub-            $7.75                            Italian Sub-                      $6.59

Grill Chicken Sub-    $6.59                      Turkey/Ham Sub-    $7.25                           Chicken Philly Sub-         $7.35

Philly Beef Sub-         $8.00                     BBQ Chicken Sub-   $6.98                          BBQ Pork Sub-                 $8.00 


Fresh Out The Oven Pizza

Top your sub anyway you like it with fresh ingredients

6.5" White, or Honey Wheat Bread

Sub Sandwiches


The most important part of every meal is the Final Kourse

  Every Day Value. Get 2 Subs for $6

Only applies to Turkey, Ham, & Veggie Subs. You have to purchase 2 Subs at the same time in order to get this deal. Limit 4 per customer